APK Moodle Course
Lehra : Janet Madsen

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Practice course for APK staff to become familiar with Moodle capabilities.

Small Library Institute of Management

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During SLIM public library directors will receive instruction in the areas of library administration, management, policy development, collection development, copyright and patron confidentiality, reference services, youth services and technology planning.


Library directors will:


  • Benefit from enhanced leadership skills
  • Be empowered with a sense of authority and professionalism
  • Gain the expertise needed to revise and create library policies and procedures
  • Have a greater understanding of their roles as information professionals
  • Become part of a support network of professional colleagues

Strategic Staff Development

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Strategic staff development aligns staff resources to the library’s mission and goals and fosters a knowledgeable staff able to anticipate and adapt to continuous change. Public Library Directors skilled in strategic staff development will be able to identify and enhance the knowledge and skills their staff need to acquire in order for the public library to be successful.


During this course participant will:

1.       Identify library services and learning priorities based on a thorough analysis of library’s mission and vision statement and a staff self-assessment.

2.       Review staff job descriptions and determine competencies staff need to develop based on the Competency Index for the Library Field

3.       Find formal training and/or design informal learning opportunities

4.       Design a staff development plan