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  • Welcome to EBSCO Journal Alerts

    Screenshot of an EBSCO Journal Alert.

    The purpose of this course is to empower you to get immediate notice (Journal Alerts) of new issues of magazines and journals by e-mail. We'll be focusing on magazine and journals available through the EBSCO databases purchased through SLED.

    The process of signing up for Journal Alerts in EBSCO involves creating a free My EBSCOhost account. Everything about this process is simple, except for creating passwords. So we have a quick module on creating strong passwords before we get you to register for a My EBSCOhost account.. Once you have your account, we'll show you how to find magazines and journals you want to read. We'll close with a step by step process of sign up for the journal alert and what it should look like in your email inbox. 

  • Creating Strong Passwords

    EBSCO and many other institutions such as banks, social media sites and employers require strong passwords. We'll take a look at worst and best password practices and conclude with some tips that will ease the pain of choosing a password for My EBSCOHost.
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  • Creating a My EBSCOhost Account

    If you already have a My EBSCOhost account, you may skip this section. If not, read on. 

    Now that you've chosen a strong password using the lessons from the previous section, you'll learn the basics of creating a My EBSCOhost account and then you'll create one to use for the rest of this course. Aside from allowing you to sign up for journal alerts, you will be able to save search results, persistent links to searches, search alerts, and web pages to your personal My EBSCOhost folder.. 

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  • Finding Full text Magazines and Journals on EBSCO

    If you already know how to find a particular JOURNAL or MAGAZINE in EBSCOhost, you may skip this section.

    In this section we will explore two paths to finding journals - though an EBSCOhost database and by using the Journal Finder on the Alaska State Library page. 

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  • Signing Up For Your Journal Alert

    Read one or both tutorials, then create your journal alert. Afterwards reflect on your experience. 

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  • Wrap Up

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